Caamaño is a company that specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing evaporators and condensers for the refrigeration industry and large supermarket chains, among other industries.

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Quality Policy

At Julio Caamaño I.C.S.A., we have developed a Quality Policy aiming to satisfy our existing customers and find potential customers who will purchase our products without losing sight of profitability.

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The company has experience sustained growth since its foundation in 1974 and is currently the proprietor of a 2000 m2 plant, where it uses technology to develop products based on the specific needs of its customers.

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Condensing Units

Our line of medium and low temperature condensing units, rainging from 1800 Kcal/h to 30000 Kcal/h, will provide efficiency and high performance in tight spaces.

The compact design provides high functionality and accessibility of all components, with condensers that have a high enough capacity to optimize the compressor’s performance and extend its life.

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Our medium or low temperature Evaporators are designed to meet the particularities of the food cold-chain and display merchandise in an appropriate environment.


Our complete line of Evaporators was developed for cold chambers and cabinets.

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Our Condensers are designed for outdoor use, which ensures high protection against environmental corrosion.
At Caamaño, we offer two large groups of Condensers:

  • Vertical (horizontal air flow).
  • Horizontal (vertical air flow).
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